Non-verbal communication. You’ll often hear me talk about it’s importance.

However, we forget that the very way that we walk, stand, gesture and generally hold ourselves can impact people’s perceptions of us.

But what if I told you that your body language can not only impact what others think of you, but also what you think of yourself! Pretty crazy, right?

Well that’s what social Psychologist, Amy Cuddy discovered.

She reveals how “power poses” – i.e. taking the stance that looks powerful (like putting your hands in the air, spreading your body out) – bring about a rise of testosterone and decrease in cortisol levels in the brain, and end up impacting how we think and feel about ourselves. So in essence what we do with our bodies can change our minds.

This is great news for those of you who feel a little nervous when going into interviews. Amy found that what do you do before a job interview, and how you talk to yourself impacts your performance in the interview following it.

What people normally do prior to interviews is hunch over looking at notes, when really what they should be doing is stretching out, standing tall.

Amy’s experiment found that such high power posing prior to interview led candidates to being preferred to the ones who had low power poses.

These preferred candidates were evaluated more positively, not in what they said but in their non-verbal communication. They were said to have more presence, confidence, were more comfortable, captivating, enthusiastic, passionate, and authentic.

They were able to express who they genuinely were through being able to be themselves more comfortably. No mention was made as to their experience or qualifications.

Moral of the story: Some simple body language adaptations can change your life in meaningful ways.

Fake it till you become it… As Amy said “until you internalise it”.

“Our bodies change our minds. Our minds change our behaviour. Our behaviours change our ourcomese.”

By just taking 2 minutes to change the way you stand before your big interview, you will be more confident and will leave the situation feeling that you were really yourself, and you did your best!

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