Ah, March. The excitement of a New Year has worn off, Valentine’s Day and the ensuing rush for overpriced roses is over and the Easter holiday is AGES away.

Have you found yourself clockwatching at work recently?

  • Dragging yourself out of bed at silly o’clock in the dark and wondering why you are bothering?
  • Browsing recruitment websites and job-boards?
  • Feeling a bit fed up with work?

Even if you aren’t, chances are you get those days where you just can’t wait for home time and dash out of the office.


It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That.

I have some simple secrets of bringing back that new job ‘zing’.

Yes, my aim today is to make sure that tomorrow you’re skipping down the street and are first one at the office because you just can’t wait to get stuck in.

(OK, I might be pushing it, but bear with me.)


Love What You Do?

Firstly, what qualifies me to write an article like this? Well, if you have read through my website, you will know already that I am a complete and utter ‘Arielle’ geek.

If I could bring in an apple for my job every day, I would.

I am so grateful to be doing something that I love. Even on the bad days when things don’t go to plan, I am able to refocus and recognise that my working life is awesome.

I want to share some insights about how I achieve that. So, here’s my list of not so to secret job aphrodisiacs.


1. Manage Email Like A Ninja.

I answer emails at set times of the day. It’s not the same as ignoring email. Sometimes I have as many as five 1-hour periods of my day devoted to email.

But it’s critical that those are the only periods I engage email in. The time between those blocks is uninterrupted time for creativity and productivity.


2. Make Your Space Yours.

I’m a big believer in making the workspace FEEL great.

Rubber duck fan? Like pot plants? Have a Cliff Richard calendar gathering dust somewhere? Pop them on your desk or work area.

Something as simple as glancing at a treasured photograph, or smiling at a ‘joke of the day’ memo pad can give you intermittent lifts. Make sure you have a stash of protein rich snacks in a drawer too for instant pick me ups.


3. Save The Best For Last.

I love talking to people and really enjoy learning about people’s experiences.

That’s why I like scheduling client consultations later on in the day. I get the less interpersonal accounting stuff out of the way in the morning and don’t mind it because I have something to look forward to.

Even if you can’t think of a work related task to save until last, perhaps treat yourself to something else as reward for your hard work. I once knew a colleague who could power through Excel spreadsheets in half the time if she knew there was a Twix waiting at the end of it.


4.What Do You Do?

This may seem a question with an obvious answer, but what is it that you do?

If I asked your manager, or team, or clients, would they say the same thing? Being aligned with expectations and staying focused on your mission can really help you learn to love your job.

Not knowing if your hard work will be met with praise or a befuddled look can really affect motivation. If you don’t know what your job responsibilities are – talk to someone about it!


5. Delegate Wisely.

Delegation is a wonderful thing, but not enough of us do it. Identifying strengths in others is relatively easy to do.

If you delegate tasks that can help develop skills, raise profiles or provide interesting work, people generally jump at the opportunity to take on extra work, leaving you to concentrate on activities you really want and need to be doing.


6. Share Information.

No, don’t become the office gossip, but if you hear something that could help or develop projects, processes or even other people – share it. Encourage discussion and create a more transparent, open and honest place to work.

‘Office Politics’ is often cited in exit interviews as a reason people leave jobs. Create the change you want to see and encourage a better working atmosphere!


7. Celebrate Yourself.

Pat yourself on the back. When you do a good job, don’t fall into the trap of self-deprecation; rather, give yourself fact-based positive feedback.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

When I get great feedback from clients, I make sure to take the time to tell myself I did a great job too. If you don’t believe in yourself, neither will others. This means you may miss out on some great opportunities and find yourself stagnating and learning to really dislike your job.

There we have it. None of it is rocket science, but all of the tips are pretty easy ways to bring the spring back into your step workday. Go on, go and let your job woo you again.

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