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Top 4 Leadership & Management Blog Posts For This Week.

Looking for in-depth, intelligent analysis of leadership and management issues which are facing Australian executives in 2014? Take a look at our curated list below.   1. Best Advice To New CEOs (or Those Who Want To Be) [PODCAST]. Leadership is a tough game....

Top 5 Blog Posts For Job-Seekers This Week.

Here are 5 most popular, most valuable stories published around the globe for job seekers this week. Unlike the usual mumbo-jumbo that clogs up your social media feed, this is a curated list of unique advice from world’s career experts, influencers and thinkers....

How To Land The Job You’ve Always Wanted.

I just went through a very interesting process of moving. As I picked each item I own, one by one, I noticed that I value physical objects less than I ever have. Sure, there are sentimentally important things, like gifts from special people I’ve received over...

7 Things You Can Do To Fall In Love With Your Job Again.

Ah, March. The excitement of a New Year has worn off, Valentine’s Day and the ensuing rush for overpriced roses is over and the Easter holiday is AGES away. Have you found yourself clockwatching at work recently? Dragging yourself out of bed at silly o’clock in the...

Retrenched QANTAS Staff Deserve More Than A Handout.

I’m not surprised that the Qantas debate has taken an ugly turn. In case you missed it, last week, two Sunrise hosts were caught in a crossfire between pro-Qantas reform Jeff Kennett and more conservatively-minded Mark Latham. I’m all up for lean, modern...

The Best Way To Ruin Your Chances Of Getting A Job.

What’s the biggest mistake you’re likely to make during job search? If you’re like most people in the process of self-marketing yourself to prospective employers and recruiters, you think a lot about the content of your presentation: how you talk...

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