When you’ve found the job of your dreams, many things spring to mind that need to get done in order to GET that dream job.

Some typical things on your job search checklist could be:

  • Revamp resume;
  • Write a relevant cover letter;
  • Plan examples to use for behavioural questions in interview;
  • Contact past recruiters;
  • Make contact with relevant old manager, colleagues, business associates to let them know you’re looking for work again;
  • Update LinkedIn;
  • Talk to referees to let them know that they might be called upon in due course;
  • Buy a new outfit for interviews.

And so on, so forth.

But have you ever considered the importance of visualising and rehearsing your upcoming success as a part of the process?

We all have active imaginations, and many of us wouldn’t have any trouble visualising our failure, something going wrong, or any potential negative outcome of a meeting. It’s quite easy to imagine ALL the things that could possibly could go wrong which will sabotage your opportunity.

For some reason we believe “if only I can think of and imagine all the possible things that could go wrong to the most minute of detail, then I’ll be prepared and I won’t fail.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In actual fact, when you are rehearsing your failure in an upcoming interview, it is actually more likely that you WILL fail that interview.

Instead, as an alternative, add visualising and rehearsing SUCCESS as a part of your job search checklist!

Ensure that before you enter that interview or before that next all important meeting where you ask for a pay-rise, you’ve rehearsed you answering perfectly, you’ve visualised the positive responses from the other party (not to an arrogant level). When you believe that it is possible, you are more likely to act in a way where you facilitate that opportunity. You are also more likely to become the sort of person that other people will enjoy being around when you think this way, AND as a by-product, you are more likely to make it happen.

Either way, all that negative self talk is a habit that we should try to minimise. It serves no productive purpose and only keeps us stuck in our own minds instead of allowing us to be our true selves (hint: this is what hiring managers most want to see about you during the interview process, and is an especially great way to build rapport).

Just try it. Nothing bad can come of it either way.

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