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We are Australia’s leading executive-level human marketing & personal branding agency and we’re rapidly growing.

There is an exciting opportunity for a talented professional (with a background in Talent Acquisition, HR or Organisational Psychology) who cares about being at the peak of their game and who has knowledge of the Australian recruitment and selection market, to join our small, nimble and highly capable team in the capacity of a human marketing consultant.


Are you a charismatic and quick-witted, recruitment specialist who loves to partner with executive clientele to build long-lasting relationships? Are you gifted at zoning in on your client’s needs and problems, offering them strategic insight and providing credible solutions that are valued and can take their career prospects to the next level?

The type of person who excels in a busy, “all hands on deck” environment, you love to solve problems, love to communicate – delivering value and providing advice to people (both written and verbal), and believe you would thrive in a mission-centred, professional yet informal start-up culture. Does this sound like you? If so, read on.


This role will work closely with the Founder and Director of the business, and will be the primary and initial contact for senior managers and executive level clientele who are interested in our services and are looking to position themselves in a competitive recruitment landscape. Your role will be responsible for all strategic correspondence and conversations, recruitment market positioning suggestions and product recommendations to potential clients, leading up to the sale of our personal marketing and branding services.

Being a talented, commercially astute business professional, you will be able to enhance our clients’ experience upon their contact, building trust and rapport, and making sure you deeply understand their pain points. Using your intuitive ability to understand people’s job-seeking needs and challenges, this requires paying intricate attention to their unique requirements and end-goal.

Then, using your familiarity with the Australian recruitment market, you will be able to highlight gaps in their online and offline presentation (your experienced based intuition will come in handy here – though we will train you in our methodology) and will then shine a light on how we can tailor a personal branding/human marketing solution to help close those gaps in order to move clients towards their intended direction.

In order to be able to do this successfully, you will also need to understand our vision, philosophy, and how we differ in relation to the competition. Each interaction with the client must reflect the high-end and luxury nature of our service offering, the sophistication and excellence of our products and the capability of our people, so that they’re certain the solution we’re providing addresses their problem and they fully trust the process (which clients tell us is quite cathartic!).


This role is for someone who can provide the highest levels of recruitment and positioning advice to our clients (the candidate), can create an engaging, credible and professional client experience, and uses this skill to effectively grow our business.

Offering strategic advice to C-level executives who are looking to make their next career move, your approach will radiate and invite – rather than the old push n’ sell, as we don’t believe in ‘sales’ but focus on delivering real value to our clients at each and every touch point of their journey with us.

Being quite a unique start-up environment, this role is multi-faceted, in that you’ll be developing a variety of skills ranging from pre-sales, human marketing/personal branding, organisational psychology, as well as communications. You must be flexible, quick on your feet, willing to change directions quickly if required, whilst remaining focused on operational excellence. Our business is continuously evolving, so you need to be comfortable in such an environment.

It’s imperative that you desire a working environment where you are rewarded for your loyalty and dedication. You must also possess a genuine predisposition towards personal growth and a yearning to contribute to an organisation that improves its clients lives through the opportunities that are presented to them, each and every day.

You also must appreciate the complexities of working within a luxury brand – where handcrafted excellence, true capability and expertise, client-centricity, individuality and remaining cutting-edge are the cornerstones of our success


As a part of the team, you get to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a start-up that doesn’t settle for mediocrity.

You’ll be part of a fast-paced and rapidly evolving business, thriving at the cutting edge of a new niche, only just taking off in Australia. There’s no corporate bureaucracy, no politics – just highly driven people who are professional, down to earth, who love to create and get stuff done.

We trust our people to be accountable, and as such we provide the option of working from home once you’ve learned the ropes; you’ll be accountable for producing results, rather than clocking in and out. For us, as long as our clients’ needs are serviced and we exceed their expectations, we don’t mind where you sit. It’s about autonomy, not micromanagement.

Our clients are successful, intelligent, driven, high profile people and you’ll get to work on exciting and rewarding projects – if you love taking creative and innovative approaches to existing processes, a fulfilling role awaits you! We believe there is always a better way – and hence innovation is one of our core driving forces, constantly propelling us to think ahead of the game.

We will provide you with tools to help you raise your profile and build your online presence so that you have the best visibility possible – as we’re true advocates of the ‘future of work’.

Stock options are possible for the right people. We believe that work should be a holistic experience – a natural extension of who you are. If you love the work you do and want to work in an environment that allows you to be the very best that you can be, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.


To understand more about our mission, values and the type of people we are looking for, please check out

If all this sounds like it’s right up your alley, please submit your application to Irene McConnell, Founder & Director at Arielle Careers via email on [email protected] quoting the subject “Human Marketing Catalyst”. Please include your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile and a personalised cover letter, ensuring the following three questions are answered within:

  • What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
  • What success are you particularly proud of?
  • Why do you think you’re right for this job?

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