LinkedIn can connect you to pretty much anyone that you could hope to be connected to if you’re looking for your next job.

If you think about it, it now can take the place of recruiters, the people that we used to need to make the connection for us.

Most of your past and future managers have a profile. In fact, there are now over 175 million users registered. So why is it that not many people actually know how to make the most of it?

Recent times are bringing about a larger emphasis on making sure that your profile and online presence says what needs to be said about you. Not more. Not less.

It’s easy to copy and paste your resume, or fill your LinkedIn profile with as many magical keywords as possible and hope that somehow they will get you noticed. News is, these tactics won’t. That’s exactly what every other Joe Bloggs out there is doing. So you need to do something that’s different.

Managers want to see tangible results, written in real down-to-earth kind of wording. In fact, these so-called buzzwords that were once so ‘hip’, are now cliched and completely overused.

Here’s a list of words NOT to use on LinkedIn:

    Extensive experience
    Proven track record
    Team player
    Problem solver

So now that you know what NOT to do… what SHOULD you do?

Think about what you would look for if you were looking to fill the role you want to apply for? Wouldn’t you be looking for someone who clearly can articulate what they’ve done, what projects they’ve been a part of and their achievements. You want to read their profile once and really understand what they’re about. Not have to go over it again and again because they’ve used so many words in one sentence, that by the time you get to the end of it, you’ve forgotten what you were actually reading about.

In the past, when I’ve been hiring for roles, I’ve found the profiles that stand out the best are the ones that don’t over-do it. They have clear recommendations, and their profile serves a purpose.

They are able to show that they are keeping with the times, and are relevant by joining key groups, by commenting on people’s links with their opinions, and by posting relevant interesting information for other people in their arena to learn from and share. Most of these people also have a blog, where they share their thoughts and opinions with other like-minded people. There they can engage in discussions, debates, and further their ideas.

Following these few but vital tips, will make a huge difference to your profile, and may even get you noticed by someone who will offer you a job. Follow these diligently and methodically, and time will show you the difference!

For help on writing your own LinkedIn profile, or creating your online presence, give me a call.

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