Your Personal Advisory Board.

The Arielle C-Suite Club is an invitation-only, informal, CXO-level peer group which meets to address challenges faced by leaders in the digital age.


C-Suite Is A Lonely Place.

You often feel surrounded by people who do not fully understand exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it or how much you have invested in making it happen. All of this makes it critical that you build relationships with people you can turn to.


Your Mentor Can Fall Short.

Mentors are valuable, however in the context of a digital business environment, one-on-one mentorship is an outdated and imperfect model - because one mentor is unlikely to have all the answers you need.


A Private Group Of Trusted Peers.

In contrast, a personal advisory board can help you solve the most complex business issues and uncover unexpected opportunities by enabling you to gather strong advice from a close network of senior business leaders.

Test Your Ideas, Get Honest Feedback.

It also enables you to refine your strategies, push yourself to think beyond your perceived limitations, or simply get a timely reminder that 'it’s a really bad idea & you should not spend another minute chasing it!'


Build Strong Relationships During Monthly Events In Sydney & Melbourne.

You’ll find yourself in a forum of other seasoned CEOs, presidents, CXO-level executives and senior business owners who can help you focus on elements most critical to your long-term strategy and growth. Get out of your silo and talk with executives who have taken radically different paths.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility criteria: you must hold, or have held during the past 18 months, a C-level (or equivalent) role with an organisation which directly employs more than 100 staff. Membership is strictly limited to 1,000 members. Arielle management reserves the right to revoke membership in the program at any time.

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