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This document contains everything you need to format Arielle blog posts correctly.




The website automatically creates a dropcap. This dropcap takes up 3 lines of space.

While the creation of the dropcap is automatic, we have to ensure that the lengh of the first paragraph is correct. If it’s too short, the dropcap will look odd. Here’s what I mean.

This dropcap is OK:


This dropcap is OK:


This dropcap is NOT OK:


The key to getting the dropcap just right lays in ensuring that, in your Wordpres editor, the first paragraph is approximately 1.5 lines long.

If necessary, it can be as long as 2.5 lines, but never shorter than 1.25.




All subheadings should be formatted as an H2, bold element. This is what it should look like:

The Missing Ingredient Of Success.



Spacers Between Subheadings.

Every subheading has a spacer which looks like three full stops. It’s important to note that immediately above and below the code is a line formatted as H1. This is what the end result should look like:

This is the text you need to paste into the editor, in order to make the spacer appear:

The above is a screenshot for illustrative purposes only. To help you with pasting here’s the code itself, with brackets removed (if I add the brackets, the code will automatically appear as the spacer). Save the code (with brackets included) somewhere on your computer for easy pasting:

su_para_space top_space=”33″ bottom_space=”31″




These are created by using the “bulleted list” button in the formatting toolbar. No need to add any extra lines of space above or below the list. This is what the end result should look like:

  • good reputation
  • strong experience
  • high emotional intelligence
  • quality education
  • intrinsic talent




These elements are used to highlight important parts of the narrative. They are created by highlighting text and pressing the “blockquote” button in the formatting toolbar, then formatting the text as H3. Note that the line immediately above and below the blockquote is formatted as H1.

This is what the end result should look like:

The biggest predictor of success is your ability to articulate and effectively communicate your value – not your intrinsic value per se.



These elements are used to quote famous people, authority figures, etc. They are very similar to Blockquotes, with two notable exceptions: they are italicised AND they are placed within double apostrophes. This is what they should look like:

“Your long-term happiness and fulfillment depend on your ability to fulfill your soul’s unique purpose and to fill the place in the world that only you can fill, making the contribution that only you can make.”


Related Articles.

Most of our blog posts link out to other related posts on the website. These links are usually placed immediately below the point that’s most relevant to the link. Formatting of the entire line should be in bold. It should say “Related Article:”, followed by the name of the blog post. Make sure the name of the blog post is hyperlinked.

No need to add extra spaces below or above the line. Finally, the entire line should be surrounded by curved brackets. This is the end result:

(Related Article: How To Start Building Your Personal Brand).



Graphs & Images.

These are often used to support the text copy. They are added by using “Add Media” button in the formatting toolbar. Here’s the full guide which shows how to add media to blog posts:


Image width should be centered. Use the “custom size” function to set image width to 700 pixels (allow the height to populate automatically). The line above and below the image should be a H2:

reach career success


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