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How To Be A Highly Effective Change Manager.

You see problems that need fixing and you want to be the person who fixes them. You are ambitious, skilled and – most of all – you’re willing to step up. How do you sell the idea to your superiors?

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What You Should Keep In Mind When Registering A Website.

Thinking about amplifying your brand with a personal blog? Well, you are no longer limited to having a website with a generic domain extension like .com – you can be www.andrew.ceo, if you like. But does better customisation lead to more traffic?

Personal Branding: Definitive Guide For Job Seekers.

A few years ago only rockstars like Bono worried about having a personal brand (yes, I’m a U2 tragic). Today, social media has enabled every one of us to have one. The question which remains is – why would you want to?

Personal Branding 101 For Job Seekers.

A lot of people ask me, “what is personal branding?”. While the concept isn’t new, it’s being used more and more loosely. This has led to some dangerous misconceptions..

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Top 10 Resume Tips For Managers & Executives.

You’ve had a stellar career and have always gotten jobs through personal connections. This time you’re being asked to submit a resume. Follow my tips to ensure that yours is spot on.

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