How to build a $1 billion company before you’re 30? How to become a well-respected world-class leader? How to get a job at tech giant Google?

Every week I search the web for latest professional advice by world’s most up-to-speed influencers. Here’s what I loved reading this week – I hope you do, too:


1. How To Rapidly Grow Your LinkedIn Network.

Successful personal branding and job search requires both social media and physical networking. In this blog post Digital Marketing Professor Denny McCorkle offers 13 connection strategies for the convergence of these networking efforts when using LinkedIn. Read Now >


2. How To Become The Best Boss Your Team Has Ever Had.

What is the secret to becoming an effective, hugely respected boss? This answer, which New York Times came up with, will surprise you. Read Now >


3. How To Get A Job At Google.

In this frank discussion on Reddit, head of people strategy at Google answers some very pointed questions about what it takes to succeed at Google. Most valuable, however, are the mindsets, strategies and perspectives he reveals on the subject of leadership -borrow these today and apply them at work tomorrow. Read Now >


4. How To Build a $1 Billion Company (Before You’re 30).

How do you become wildly successful by the time you’re 30? More importantly, how to you remain grounded, humble and focused on meaningful achievements, rather than hollow pursuits? Read Now >


5. How To Become An Influencer.

What if you could shortcut the time it takes to to get elected to a position of authority and power or chosen for that important job? Jeff Bullas gives practical and effective advice to help you get there. Read Now >



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