Have you noticed that there’s a lot of talk about “the changing world of employment”?

Conversations about positive leadership, authenticity, employee engagement and meaningful workplaces are becoming the norm. There are voices in this community which speak louder than others and which disseminate ideas which would have seemed radical just a few years ago.

Here’s a list of thought leaders whose ideas I get inspired by (OK, so there’s 6, not 5). If you’re an executive or a manager and you, like me, wrestle with the question “what will the workplaces of tomorrow look like?”, you’ll enjoy these:

1. Leadership Now.


WHO: Michael McKinney is veteran management consultant.
WHAT: Quintessential leadership resource.
FOR: Change management executives.


2. Margaret Heffernan.


WHO: Veteran businesswoman, leadership expert, HuffPo & CBS columnist.
WHAT: Discovering and managing high-achieving talent, corporate culture issues.
FOR: Leaders interested in getting the most out of their teams.


3. Michael Hyatt.


WHO: Ex-CEO who became a social media powerhouse.
WHAT: Personal development, leadership, productivity, platform and publishing.
FOR: People in leadership roles and who aspire to get there.


4. Chris Brogan.


WHO: An example of someone who is being authentically himself in the social media spotlight – and who created a solid personal brand by doing it.
WHAT: Authenticity, blogging, living your life on your terms, social media.
FOR: People who have ideas which they want to reach the world with.


5. Owner Magazine.


WHO: Chris Brogan launches his newest baby. Collection of out-of-the-box thinkers blogging about the future of business.
WHAT: Not aimed strictly at executives, but I’m recommending it here because its dedicated to challenging the status quo in the world of business.
FOR: Business owners, leaders, people wrestling with the “WHY” question.



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